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of Raw Materials and Semi-finished Goods for Steel, Scrap, Pulses, Beans and Lentils.

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Established in 2014 RK Galaxy Pte Ltd, is an established company in the field of wholesale distribution and trading. We are involved in the import, export and distribution of the raw materials and semi-finished products for steel and minerals. We have a dedicated team of professionals having a cumulative experience of over 100+ man-years in the industry. 

We believe in business beyond boundaries and that’s what we thrive to do. We are a D&B Rated company bearing DUNS Number 65-927-4349.

We are also members of Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI), Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, USA (ISRI), Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) and Singapore Business Federation (SBF), Global Pulses Confederation, USA (GPC) apart from various other trade associations and bodies.






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Countries Reach & Presence



We undertake sourcing from almost all metal producing continents and deal with suppliers and customers in Brazil, Columbia, Chile, USA, UK, Denmark, Australia, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Africa, Several African Nations, China and UAE. 


Our team is present for Physical inspection of containers overseeing stuffing, loading, sealing and transport of containers from warehouses, factories and yards to the Port. We also deploy reputed 3rd party surveyors overseeing the loading to best quality standards and taking photos and videos of all stages of cargo. Slowly and steadily over the years we have built relationships that have led for growth of suppliers and customers alike. We deal in the entire range of raw materials and semi-finished metals such Sponge Iron, Ferrous Scrap including PNS, HMS, LMS, Turnings, Busheling, Bundles, Car Body Scrap and Blue Steel.

We also deal in Lead Ingots, Remelted Lead Ingots, Battery Scrap, Lead Shavings, Lead Bullion and other forms of Lead. We are connected directly to the mines and are regularly exporting and sourcing Manganese Ore Lumpy and Chrome Ore Lumpy for our clients ranging from 37% to 53% Ore Content with guaranteed chemistry, size and delivery. We also have 3rd party survey for all our cargoes and have the total stage wise container loading images, videos and personnel present at the time of loading apart from 3rd party surveyor. 



We also undertake the entire variety of Beans, Pulses and Lentil procurement from Farm to Fork! With complete transparency we are involved in the process of upliftment of farmers and poverty alleviation by procuring directly from the fields to factories and finally to consumers. We have strategic tie-ups and exclusive working arrangements with factories who process the farm produce for us with latest technology and human safety. 


We have extensive reach in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Brazil, Benin and Vietnam for our products. We assure and ensure quality produce, product and delivery. We deal in the entire range of Chick Peas, Pigeon Peas, Peanuts, Sesame, Soybean, Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans, Yazuki Beans, Green Mung Beans (Green Gram) and feeds such as Rice Bran, Sunflower Cake amongst others



We have our team of dedicated professional team members who are present on ground and we have tie up with reputed sellers and buyers in the following countries;

1) Bangladesh, 2) Brazil, 3) Chile, 4) China, 5) India, 6) Kenya, 7) Malaysia, 8) Pakistan,  9) Tanzania, 10) Uganda, 11) Uruguay, 12) United Arab Emirates, 13) United Kingdom, 14) Singapore, 15) Vietnam




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